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Project Description

Maki Roll

Appearing: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

Maki Roll is the “Cosplay Cutie Turned Burlesque Beauty”. The DC native started her journey as a cosplayer in 2007, and through going to conventions and networking, branched out to various forms of entertainment and modeling. She has made over 30 costumes but gained extreme recognition for her portrayal of Ryuko Matoi’s Senketsu Fashion Week from the anime Kill La Kill.

When not playing dress up at conventions, she can be seen performing nerdy inspired burlesque and sideshow acts all over the US. She is the producer of several nerdy themed shows and strives to create a safe, fun space for performers of all races, genders, sexual orientation and beyond. Maki uses her platform to speak on social issues both in the cosplay community and encourages others to be themselves no matter what.