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Ilan Mitchell-Smith

Appearing: Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Ilan Mitchell-Smith’s film career began in 1982 at age 12 when he played a younger version of the title character in Sidney Lumet’s Daniel. After a starring role in the 1984 film The Wild Life, he was cast as Wyatt Donnelly in the 1985 teen classic Weird Science by writer/director John Hughes.

Mitchell-Smith starred in several other films and TV series, most notably The Chocolate War and Superboy. He decided to leave acting entirely in 1991, his final role being a guest appearance on Silk Stalkings. Recently Mitchell-Smith has done select voice-over work (recording for two episodes — “Moon Warriors” and “Heads Will Roll”—of Fox ADHD’s “Axe Cop”).

Mitchell-Smith guest starred in The Goldbergs season 5 episode 1 playing science teacher Mr. Connelly. The episode was based on the movie Weird Science in which Barry Goldberg believes he can make a girlfriend in the same manner as the movie.

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