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Cooper Andrews

In a world where geeks are finally represented fairly on television, AMC’s breakout hit Halt and Catch Fire is king. Cooper Andrews’ character, Yo-Yo, has always been a reliable source of good times—which is vital when the show takes one of its frequent sharp left turns to heartbreak city.

Cooper quickly became a fan favorite after he landed the role of Jerry, purveyor of smiles and peach cobbler to The Kingdom during The Walking Dead’s seventh season. He also appeared alongside Jason Momoa and Julianne Nicholson during the second season of Sundance’s The Red Road.

Cooper’s other television work includes time spent on sound departments for various productions, as well as guest starring on Hawaii Five-O, and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. He has filmed several independent films, including Golgotha and Mandie and the Secret Tunnel. His upcoming films include Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk, and the heist action thriller Den of Thieves.

Cooper was born in Smithtown, Long Island, NY. He enjoys cooking, screenwriting, archery, weightlifting, and his mother’s Raspberry Mountain Pie.


Known For:

Halt and Catch Fire, Jerry, The Red Road, The Walking Dead, and Yo-Yo

Cooper Andrews will be appearing at Awesome Con on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.