Project Description

Carolyn Belefski

Carolyn Belefski creates and publishes original comics and illustrations, including her comic strip Curls. She is an artist of the comic books French Fry Club, Black Magic Tales, and The Legettes. Carolyn became a National Cartoonists Society member in 2012 and is currently serving as a Washington, DC chapter chair. With NCS, she started the annual blood drive, Cartoonists Draw Blood, with the American Red Cross. Her freelance illustration and design clients include Boom! Studios (Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time comic), Clorox, US National Archives, and The White House. You can view Carolyn’s work online at and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @CarolynBelefski.

Joe Carabeo

Joe Carabeo is first and foremost a storyteller, but he also happens to be an award-winning, published and broadcasted, DC area based director, photographer, and writer. Joe writes the comic books French Fry Club, Black Magic Tales, and The Legettes. Joe has worked with NASA, U2’s Bono, Under Armor, The Beach Boys, DC Lottery, and more. Through Joe’s multimedia company Astray Productions, he produces films, commercials, and photography – all under the umbrella of character-driven storytelling. Joe aims to inspire, to take you on a journey, to bring things to the next level, but above all, he wants to let the world know that nothing is impossible. View his work at

Known For:

Curls, French Fry Club, Black Magic Tales, and The Legettes

Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo will be attending Awesome Con Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.