Project Description

Andrew Bowser

Andrew Bowser is a filmmaker hailing from Bowie, Maryland! He currently lives in LA and for the last three years has been Nerdist Industries’ in-house director.

Andrew also hosts Nerdist podcast, Bizarre States, with Jessica Chobot from Nerdist News and MOTHERSHIP. He loves comedy, horror, comedy/horror together – and cats!

His debut feature, The Mother of Invention, premiered at The Hollywood Film Festival. His second film, Jimmy Tupper VS The Goatman of Bowie, premiered at SXSW. His third film, WORM , premiered at Seattle International Film Fest where it was nominated for the New American Cinema Award!

Andrew creates weekly comedy sketches for his YouTube channel BowserVids and portrays the super-sexy internet phenom known as Onyx the Fortuitous – Slayer of the Bright Realm!


Known For:

Bizarre States, Jimmy Tupper VS The Goatman of Bowie, Mothership, Nerdist, Onyx the Fortuitous – Slayer of the Bright Realm, The Mother of Invention, Worm

Andrew Bowser will be appearing at Awesome Con on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.