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Awesome Con brings fans, creators, celebrities, and experts together for three days and nights dedicated to all things nerdy! Whether you’re into Batman, Doctor Who, building your own plugsuits, or learning about satellite telemetry, we’ll hook you up! Here’s just a sampling of what’s coming up at Awesome Con!

Panels & Screenings – Over ten rooms and 100 hours dedicated to panels, screenings, and special events. From Q&As with celebrity guests to cosplay workshops to debates over whether the Millennium Falcon or USS Enterprise would win in a fight!

Autographs and Photo Ops – Meet your favorite stars! Spanning television and movie actors and actresses, authors, voice actors, cosplayers, and more, snap a photo or shake your hero’s hand in real life!

Future Con – The worlds of science fiction and science fact overlap, and Awesome Con’s excited to create new awareness, advocacy, and interest in all things nerdy, techy, wonky, and smart. Future Con talks and exhibits shine a spotlight on new horizons in scientific discovery – featuring leading experts and engineers from across America.

The Backlot – Where props, costumes, cosplayers, and larger-than-life set pieces rule! Featuring actual props used in TV and films, amazing fan replicas, and highlighting the fan groups and skilled cosplayers who put their all into bringing heroes and villains to life, enter another world in The Backlot!

Cosplay – Whether you’re a bathrobe Jedi or you’ve spent the past year making the perfect Queen Serenity gown, Awesome Con loves you, and we feature a robust cosplay track focused on honing your skills and daily costume contests offering you a chance to strut your stuff!

Awesome Con Jr. – Awesome Con has three days of family-friendly guests, activities, and events, and the headquarters for all this is Awesome Con Jr! Bring the kids to our Awesome Con Jr. pavilion to learn to draw superheroes, create your own costume, and pose for pictures with some of your favorite good guys (and bad guys, too)!

Late Night – Stay up late with us! Awesome Con offers panels, screenings, and special events running until 10 PM on Friday and Saturday night. Hang out with us past your bedtime!