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Charlie Freaks Out by batteryPOP

Freak out with Charlie!! Thanks to our friends at batteryPOP, you can hear about all the awesome things that Charlie is freaking out over! Whether it’s Star Wars, Minecraft, broccoli or Gloria Estefan, Charlie wants you to hear about it. You can check out all of the Charlie Freaks Out videos by batteryPOP on their website here, or on their YouTube channel here. What will Charlie freak out about next??

Be sure to tell us what you freak out about using #ACJrAtHome. A big thank you to our friends at batteryPOP – give them a thank you by finding them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Oh – and don’t forget to subscribe to their YouTube!

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Water glass music lessons by Wilfredo Morales

Stuck at home but wanting to make some beautiful music? Lacking a more traditional musical instrument like a guitar or drums? Thanks to local music teacher Wilfredo Morales, it’s time for you to let out your inner Mozart and make sweet sweet music using items everyone has in their home – glasses filled with water! Check out these awesome video tutorials and let your inner musician out!

Share your musical experience using #ACJrAtHome! A very awesome thanks to Wilfredo Morales for sending in these videos! Be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel here to thank him.

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Spider-Man Storytime with Andy Schmidt from Comics Experience

Our spidey senses are tingling! It’s time for a story about Spider-Man, thanks to Andy Schmidt from Comics Experience. Andy is a comic book writer and editor who has contributed his stories to 5-minute Spider-Man Stories and is ready to read one to you! Andy is one of the comic industry’s most well known teachers, lecturers, and consultants!

Make sure to share using #ACJrAtHome and thank Andy for his awesome reading skills. You can tag and follow Comics Experience on Facebook and Twitter. Keep on reading!

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Ricky Zoom Activity Pack

Make Room for Ricky Zoom! Teaching friendship and teamwork and filled with zoomtastic bike rescues, it’s an aspirational show for your little ones.

Download our Ricky Zoom App Welcome to Wheelford where you can explore Ricky’s world, play tons of games – just for preschoolers – and learn Bike Buddy skills!

Make sure to share how you’re enjoying and participating with Ricky Zoom, using #ACJrAtHome! Ricky Zoom can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Be sure to take a photo of your Ricky Zoom creations and share them with us.

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How to make Carlton from Cuddles and Rage

Are you familiar with the oh-so-adorable-yet-slightly-disturbing diorama artwork of Cuddles and Rage? Their super sweet and slightly scary has style been to Awesome Con – and now it’s coming straight to your home! Let’s learn how to make Carlton, the adorable milk carton man from their book, Bites of Terror. Simply download and print the below Carlton printable template, and follow along with the below video. Cuddles are Rage is comprised of Liz and Jimmy Reed, the husband-and-wife team. The have created a world full of disturbingly cute stories with heart.

Make sure to share using #ACJrAtHome and tag Cuddles and Rage on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to share your Carlton creations. Thanks to Liz from Cuddles and Rage for this adorable tutorial!

Gather your materials!
Printable template below
Cardstock or Bristol Board Paper
Markers or Colored Pencils

Download high res version

Create your Carlton!

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Coronavirus: A Book for Children from Candlewick Press (+ more Stay At Home Resources!)

Looking for a way to talk about Coronavirus with your kids, in a real but easy-to-digest format? Thanks to our friends at Candlewick Press, you can do just that with Coronavirus: A Book for Children! Make sure to share using #ACJrAtHome and tag Candlewick Press to say “Thanks!” Candlewick Press can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This informative and accessible guide for young readers defines the coronavirus, explains why everyday routines have been disrupted, and lays out how everyone can do their part to help. With child-appropriate answers and explanations, the book addresses key questions, like: How do you catch coronavirus and what happens if you have it? Why are people so worried about it? Is there a cure? Why do we have to stay home? What can I do to help? And what happens next?

Elizabeth Jenner is a writer and editor specializing in children’s nonfiction who has worked in publishing for fifteen years. Based in London, she is currently head of nonfiction at Nosy Crow. Kate Wilson is the managing director and founder of the UK children’s independent publisher Nosy Crow. Nia Roberts has worked in children’s publishing for more than twenty years, most recently as head of design at Nosy Crow. Graham Medley is a professor of infectious disease modeling at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Axel Scheffler is the author-illustrator of the Pip and Posy series and the Flip Flap series and has illustrated a number of books, including Julia Donaldson’s best-selling modern classic, The Gruffalo, which has sold millions of copies worldwide.

And when you’re done reading this book, Candlewick Press has provided even more resources to help you find something to do at home. They are offering activities, discussion guides, educational materials, videos, and more all at their website – for free! Click here to access their Stay at Home resources.

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Peppa Pig Videos and Activities from Entertainment One

Oink oink! Peppa Pig wants to help you and your little piggies have fun while at home. Find some oinktastic resources that all Peppa fans can enjoy, from activity sheets and crafts to the most delicious recipes. Join Peppa and her family on their adventures by building your own camper van with materials found at home, then mix up a delicious Muddy Puddle Pudding—Peppa’s favorite!

Make sure to share how you’re enjoying and participating with Peppa, using #ACJrAtHome! Peppa can be found on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram! Be sure to take a photo of your Peppa creations and share them with us.

Download the high res version

Download the high res version

Find other activities on the Peppa Pig website where you can download coloring sheets, puzzles, mazes, and more! Click here to find all of the oinktastic Peppa Pig activities. Then jump into the World of Peppa Pig – a safe and ad-free app filled with lots of interactive learning and fun! Find even more family and friend-filled fun on the official Peppa Pig YouTube channel where you can enjoy episodes, music videos, and playlists about staying active while at home!

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Live Podcast: Flying V Paperless Pulp

Flying V’s Paperless Pulp is an anthology style Podcast Play series featuring short, fully produced Radio Plays exploring intimate aspects of the human condition through genre stories (like Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi). Come hear live performances of some of Season One’s best episodes, a sneak peek of Season 2, and meet members of the cast & creative team! Note: This is an exclusive live recording of an episode of this podcast!
Panelists: Jason Schlafstein

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Color Theory, a Magic: The Gathering game/play

Joseph Price’s one man show, “Color Theory” is a fun, interactive performance about Magic: The Gathering. What color are you? Price digs into the origins of this incredibly popular collectible card game and one of its most iconic and fundamental elements as he tells his own MTG story. The audience gets to decide their own colors with live games and quizzes. “A love letter in monologue format, buttressed by clever visuals that add oomph to the jokes—and to the genuine feeling underneath.” – DCist “A thoroughly fun and enjoyable hour, and I dare you not to adore Price after it’s over.” – DC Theatre Scene
Panelists: Joseph Price

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