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Make a Super Self Portrait with Ted Woods

Attention superheroes ages 6-11, and any grown-ups who want to draw too! Do you want to make a super self portrait? Well now you can, thanks to this drawing lesson from Ted Woods! Start thinking about what kind of superpowers you might have and get ready to brainstorm and draw with Ted!

Tag your super creations using #ACJrAtHome and be sure to tag Ted Woods. He will definitely be impressed! Facebook: /tedwoodsart | Instagram: @tedwoodsart

Gather your materials!

  • Paper
  • Pencil to outline
  • Markers and/or colored pencils to outline and color

Begin your lesson with Ted!

Once you’re done, you’ll have a work of art that might look like this!

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2 Free Middle-Grade Short Stories by J.C. Cannon

Calling all book lovers, ages 8-12! J.C. Cannon has released 2 adventurous short stories for you. Are you ready to go on a mythical journey to Nubia? See what excitement and peril awaits! You can read Magic Lamp of Nubia and The Gods of Nubia by science-fiction author J.C. Cannon right now!

Show us how you’re reading at home using #ACJrAtHome. We’d love to see how you’re reading! You can tweet J.C. Cannon @jccannon7 to say “Thanks for the free reads!”

Click here to read Magic Lamp of Nubia by J.C. Cannon

Click here to read The Gods of Nubia by J.C. Cannon

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Make Your Own Comic Strip (and WIN!)

Want to win a family 4-pack of tickets to Awesome Con? Ever wanted to draw your own comic strip? Why not show us what Awesome Bot and his friends are doing, now that they are all practicing social distancing. Introducing, Awesome Bot Around the House!

Is Awesome Bot Mk. 1 aka BLUE binge watching everything on Netflix? Is Awesome Bot Mk. 2 aka RED learning how to knit sweaters for his action figures? Is Awesome Bot Mk. 3 aka PURPLE finally building that 8,000 piece LEGO Millennium Falcon? Perhaps they are all perfecting their Klingon and Elvish! Whatever you can imagine, they can do.

Contest rules

  • Simply print or edit the above comic strip, and show us how the Awesome Bot squad is making good use of their time at home. All finished and shared comic strips will be automatically entered to win a family 4-pack of tickets to Awesome Con. To be entered, post your comic strip using #AwesomeConComicStrip to Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Post must be made PUBLIC so we can see it – not from a private/protected account or friends only.
  • Winner will be selected at random from all available entries. No purchase necessary to enter.
  • Entries will be accepted from April 1 10:00 AM ET until April 15 11:59 PM ET.
  • Must have parent’s permission to enter if under 18.

So what does each Awesome Bot look like? Below is some artwork you can use to see what each Awesome Bot looks like. Use them as a reference point or invent your own Awesome Bot! The sky, or should we say the ceiling, is the limit. Have fun with it! Enter by sharing using #AwesomeConComicStrip and you and your family could be going to Awesome Con!

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Draw BB-8 and a cute hedgehog with Shawn Durington

Have you ever wanted to be a great artist, but weren’t sure how to draw? Thanks to illustrator, artist, and puppet maker Shawn Durington, you CAN draw! Get ready for an easy-to-follow lesson that will help you to draw right now! This first drawing lesson will teach you how to draw BB-8 from Star Wars, and a super sweet hedgehog! Too cute!

Make sure to share your drawing using #ACJrAtHome and be sure to tag Shawn so he can see your finished masterpiece! Facebook: Art of Shawn Durington | Instagram: @shawndurington | YouTube: Shawn Durington

Want to see Shawn draw LIVE? He’ll be doing live drawing lessons every day at 12PM ET on his YouTube page, so head there to see him draw live! You’ll be able to chat with him and see his artwork come to life. He has also set up a Facebook group you can join.


  • Pencil or whatever you want to outline with
  • Marker or whatever you want to color with
  • Paper

Once you have gathered your materials, you can begin the drawing lesson!

Don’t want to follow along with the video, but want to print out your own instructional sheet right now? See below! Make sure to click on each picture to download the full high res version.

Download the high res version

Download the high res version

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Celebs Who Will Read To Your Kids

We are so excited to see the world of artists and creators coming together to make amazing things for families at home. And thanks to a handful of well-known celebs and online resources, you can now hear Olaf read you a bedtime story, listen to a reading of Weird Al’s very own children’s book by Weird Al himself, and watch Samwise Gamegee regale you with a tale from the shire (or more specifically, about a bad case of the stripes…)

Are you curling up with a tablet or a smartphone to enjoy the sweet sounds of your favorite celebs reading you a bedtime story? Share a pic to #ACJrAtHome and show us how you are taking the time to hear a story with your family. Kids – make sure to ask your parents permission before using the Internet!

Save With Stories

Saves With Stories is a project on Instagram featuring celebrity readings of stories, for a good cause, and all using the #SAVEWITHSTORIES. It features story times with Weird Al Yankovic, Jennifer Garner, Amy Adams, Jamie Lee Curtis, Ellen DeGeneres and more. Started by Amy Adams and Jennifer Garner, the goal is best explained by Amy herself:

Amy: I’ve decided to finally join to shine a spotlight on kids across the country who need our help and support during this difficult time. My friend Jennifer Garner and I are launching @SAVEWITHSTORIES – a spot to watch your favorite celebrities read your favorite children’s books. We are galvanizing as a community to support a new fund for a combined effort between SAVE THE CHILDREN and Share Our Strength’s NO KID HUNGRY (and a big thank you to our founding publisher, Scholastic♥️). ⁣

THIRTY MILLION CHILDREN in the United States rely on school for food. School closures will hit vulnerable communities hard and @savethechildren and @nokidhungry are on the ground and ready to serve. They just need our help! ⁣

These funds will help us make sure that families know how to find meals when schools are closed, support mobile meal trucks, food banks and other community feeding programs, provide educational toys, books and worksheets, and support out-of-school-time programs to help kids make up for lost time in the classroom. ⁣

If you can manage a one time gift of $10, please text SAVE to 20222. If another amount would work better for you, please visit our website—link in bio. There is no maximum and there is no minimum—together we will rise and together we can help. #SAVEWITHSTORIES

And see below for Awesome Con guest Weird Al Yankovic reading his children’s book, When I Grow Up.

Josh Gad from Frozen

Hello, it’s Olaf, reading your kids a story… need I say more? Josh Gad, bless his heart, is reading to kids on the regular via his Twitter account. Follow him @joshgad to see him read a story live or see when he has posted up the story time once he is done. There’s even a hashtag you can follow! #GadBookClub is your source for all of the Josh Gad Book Club magic!

Storyline Online

Storyline Online, SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s award-winning children’s literacy website, features readings from famous faces. You can hear a story from Sean Astin, David Harbor, Oprah, Sarah Silverman, Rami Malek, Betty White, and many more celebs. Some of the videos are older but that just adds to the awesome nostalgia vibes!

Make sure to peep the entire Storyline Online YouTube library for a nice sized collection of celebs reading. There are a TON of videos here to pick from, so curl up with your mom, kid, or cat, find your favorite celeb, and get listening.

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Yarnies by Mikey Plushie Workshop!

Have you ever wanted to make your own plushie? Get ready to learn to design and sew 3D plushie figures. You can create animals, monsters, and characters from your own imagination using fabric and basic sewing techniques, then embellish them using stitching, buttons, and sequins. Join Mikey from Yarnies by Mikey for this full-filled Plushie Workshop! Protip! Use found materials from around your house! See below for some amazing examples of plushies YOU could make!

So are you ready to get crafty and create a plushie of your very own? Let’s go! Make sure to share using #ACJrAtHome and tag Mikey so he can see your pics! I know he would love that! Facebook: Yarnies | Instagram: @yarniesbymikey

Gather your materials!

  • Paper
  • Pen or marker
  • Scissors
  • 2 pieces of fabric or felt
  • Thread or yarn
  • Needle that will work with the thread or yarn
  • Something to stuff your plushie with – even bits of chopped of fabric will work!

Create your plushie!
Once you’ve gathered your supplies, see below for the step by step instructions as to how you can create your own new little buddy. Hooray! Then you will have made your very own plushie friend.

Give your plushie a personality!
What about your plushie’s bio? Why not go the extra mile and give your plushie some special abilities and goals? Then you can share your plushie with the world using #ACJrMaking. See what other friends your plushie might make online! Make sure to ask a parent or guardian for permission before using the Internet.

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Coloring Book by Joshua Budich ft. 16 Sheets

Do we have any fans of the Muppets, Star Trek, video games, or Studio Ghibli out there? Then get your colored pencils and crayons out because illustrator Joshua Budich has got a treat for you! Joshua Budich is an illustrator, designer, and dad who has created 16 amazing fandom-inspired coloring sheets for you to get artistic with! Thanks to Joshua for saying “As you wish” to Awesome Con families everywhere!

Be sure to share when you are done using #ACJrAtHome – and tag Joshua too, because he definitely wants to see your art. Facebook: /joshuabudich | Twitter: @jbudich | Instagram: @jbudich

Download the high res Joshua Budich coloring book now!

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Making a Book with Atomic Rapture

Ever wanted to make your very own book? It’s time to get crafty and creative with this fun, DIY book-making tutorial thanks to Atomic Rapture! Let’s make a book using materials you can probably find around the house! Kids, make sure to ask a parent or guardian for permission before using scissors.

Be sure to share using #ACJrAtHome. Also be sure to check out Atomic Rapture on Etsy.


  • Empty box
  • Hole punch
  • Scissors
  • Paper (can be any type; you can even recycle junk mail if you want to!)
  • Ruler (or a handy cutting mat like the one in the picture)
  • Yarn or string
  • A darning needle (unless you punch holes big enough to thread your yarn through by hand)

Did you find everything? Great! Let’s get to work.

Step 1: Cut your cardboard to the size you want your book covers to be.

You might have to break your box open like I did. It will make it easier to cut.

I chose to make my covers 7 inches by 4.5 inches.

Step 2: Cut your paper to the same size as your covers.

I used everything from old math worksheets to construction paper. Literally any type of paper will work here as long as you can cut it to be the size of your cover!

Step 3: Measure where you would like your holes to be for the binding.

You can do as few as 2 holes if you want to save some time and steps, but the binding will be looser the fewer holes you have. I chose to make a hole at every inch. Make sure, however you measure, you have an even number of holes.

Step 4: Get punching!

Use your hole punch to make holes in your covers and pages. You may need a grown-ups’ help if your cardboard is thick.

You can use your cover as a guide for your pages to make sure all of the holes line up. Remember, you can always ask a grown up for help!

Step 5: This is where your darning needles comes in!

No worries if you don’t have one. You can thread your string or yarn by hand if you used a standard sized hole punch! Cut a piece of yarn or thread that is two feet long.

Tie a double knot in the end of your thread. If using a needle, thread the other end through your

Step 6: Get sewing!

Pass your thread through your top cover, and all of the pages, and pull it out through the back cover. Make sure you leave a tail that is about seven or eight inches long.

Stitch from back to front starting at the next hole over on the bottom cover.

Continue until you’ve reached the last hole.

Both ends of your thread should be poking out of your top book cover like the picture above.

Step 7: Tie the ends of your thread together using a double knot.

Then trim the ends of the thread so that you have about half an inch remaining above your knot.

Step 8: Flip your book over and decorate your cover however you would like and you’re all done!

You’ve created your own book. Fill up your pages with stories or drawings, or give it as a gift! We hope you had fun making it!

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3 Awesome Bot Coloring Sheets

Are you feeling artistic? These coloring sheets all feature Awesome Bot Mk. 1 aka BLUE, one of Awesome Con’s fearless mascots. This OG mascot is a true leader, and a protector of DC. Fun facts! In his spare time, he regularly battles Kaiju, and listens to 90’s Hip Hop.

So grab your crayons, your markers, your colored pencils – whatever art supplies you have laying around your house, and let’s get coloring! Older fans, if you want to join in too, there’s no law preventing you from HAVING FUN so download a coloring sheet, and color away! Show off your creations when you’re done using #ACJrAtHome – we would love to see them! Make sure to ask a parent or guardian before using the Internet.

Download the high res version

Download the high res version

Download the high res version

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Live Podcast: Flying V Paperless Pulp

Flying V’s Paperless Pulp is an anthology style Podcast Play series featuring short, fully produced Radio Plays exploring intimate aspects of the human condition through genre stories (like Horror, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi). Come hear live performances of some of Season One’s best episodes, a sneak peek of Season 2, and meet members of the cast & creative team! Note: This is an exclusive live recording of an episode of this podcast!
Panelists: Jason Schlafstein

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